Welcome to CrossRoads!

Thank you for checking out CrossRoads. In a world of everything happening at top speed and all of the demands on time, we realize you stopping in is a big deal.


God has truly assembled a great group of people. Everyone is welcome here. People from all walks of life, who have never been in church or have not been to church for a long time, are finding CrossRoads to be a place for a fresh start. People who love a traditional church and people who enjoy a service that is out of the box will love our church.


God is a creative God, and He has definitely called us to do church in a creative way instead of the same old thing week after week. Stop in on Sunday and make yourself at home while you sip your free cup of coffee or tea. You will form relationships which will take you on a journey to Share, Grow and Go!


Again, we want to say "thank you" for visiting.
Come and be part of a phenomenal church.

-Pastor Jack