Welcome to Crosskids!

Crosskids is led by Pastor Leah and Juan Choco, who are a dynamic couple, gifted with children and the details of children's ministry!

Pastor Leah says, "The goal every week in Crosskids is for the children to encounter God's presence in a powerful way. Through small groups, praise and worship, lessons filled with Scripture and fun games, the children learn and grow in their maturity in both the Word and their faith. Our mission is for the children to know they are capable of living out their calling right now, and they do not have to wait until they are adults to do so."

One mother of four children in Crosskids says, "I love the way Pastor Leah & Juan emphasize the highlight of the message the adults are learning in the main service. This beautifully reinforces the family as a unified unit, and gives us something to discuss with our children at home in depth all week long. Crosskids is unique from other children's ministries in that the children are viewed not just as children, but as ministers, missionaries, prophets, prayer-warriors, true worshippers, and world changers. Jesus did not discount children or the power of their faith and obedience.  I love sending our children to Crosskids knowing it is another way for them to be equipped for a life lived hand in hand with the Lord."